Why Couples Make Their Wedding Abroad

Why Couples Make Their Wedding Abroad

Greece has been a major destination for tourists for decades. In the past, most visitors came to Greece for the ideal Mediterranean sun, sea and beach holiday with some sightseeing on the side. Today, Greece is keeping up with higher demands from travellers looking for authentic and niche travel experiences to suit their personal interests. The tourism industry in Greece has expanded to meet new demands for gastro- tourists, adventure-tourists, eco-tourists and among many others, wedding tourists. Wedding tourism, also known as marriage tourism and destination wedding tourism, has become a global phenomenon and Greece has become a leading destination for weddings. Between 2016 and 2019, 20,800 destination weddings took place in Greece. This averages out to almost 20 weddings each day over these 3 years. Not a small number when you really think about it!

Many couples favour Athens, the birthplace of civilisation, as their wedding destination. The city is steeped in romantic atmosphere, rich and ancient history, and has limitless options to sightsee and be entertained. Leading up to their wedding day, couples can explore the iconic and ancient landmarks and sights, most notably the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the ancient Agora and the Old Palace. They can discover world-class museums such as the Acropolis Museum, which welcomes 1.5 million visitors every year, coming to see the exquisite findings of the Acropolis. The Byzantine churches in Athens are among the earliest in the world and captivate visitors with their beautiful architectural designs. These ancient churches make ideal wedding venue settings! Couples can get married in a church on Lycabettus hill with a panoramic view of the city. They can have their wedding photo-shoot along the stunning coastline of the Athenian Riviera. They can experience fine dining in prestigious hotels in the city centre, with views of the Parthenon. Casually strolling around the city’s maze of historic neighbourhoods, such as Plaka and Syntagma, with their narrow alleys and neoclassical architecture is a romantic pleasure in itself. To put it simply; there is no limit to the incredible sights and experiences that Athens has to offer you.

If you are looking to escape city life for a wedding surrounded by nature; then Greece’s thousands of unique, idyllic islands make potential wedding destinations. Boasting over 16,000 kilometres of coastline, Greece is home to hundreds of inhabited islands to stay on and thousands of uninhabited islands to visit. Among many beautiful islands are: Paros with its gorgeous beaches, nightlife, great restaurants and stunning range of boutique hotels; Naxos with its great beaches, fantastic local restaurants and great opportunities to hike and visit historical sites; Santorini with its magnificent views and volcano tours, top restaurants and luxury accommodation; Crete and its mix of wonderful towns and traditional villages, historical sights, hiking tours, delicious food, stunning beaches and crystal clear waters. There are so many islands to choose from as wedding destinations in Greece, and each island offers an unparalleled experience to its wedding guests. Whichever island you choose, you are guaranteed to have a blue sky overhead, beautiful seas close by, gorgeous sunsets every evening and a romantic atmosphere.

There are three main reasons why couples choose to get married abroad. As well as offering stunning locations in balmy, reliable summer climes, having your wedding as part of your holiday is relaxing, unique and cost-effective.

Having a wedding abroad is simply getting married on holiday. Couples work hard all year, and need time out to relax and reconnect with their loved ones. They choose to have destination weddings so that the entire wedding party is in holiday spirit, in a beautiful setting with warm reliable weather. The setting allows them to focus on what is important. Good food, laughter and the opportunity to create lifelong memories with their family and friends. Many couples remain busy with work and life until they actually arrive at their wedding destination and enjoy handing over the responsibility of their big day to professional wedding planners who arrange every aspect of their wedding. You won’t need to worry about finding and coordinating flight tickets with hotel deals for your wedding party. You won’t lose precious time researching wedding venues in the area, and you definitely won’t have to worry about organising activities to entertain yourselves and your wedding party. Destination wedding packages take care of everything, so the only thing you have to do is show up, relax, and enjoy every moment of your special day.

A destination wedding arrangement in Greece allows couples to tailor their special day for a unique wedding experience. You can ask for what you want and be less bound by those traditions and pressures that you would rather forego. By getting married abroad you also have the chance to embrace and incorporate different cultural and traditional elements into your wedding. More and more couples are taking less conventional pathways towards exchanging their vows with the aim to make their weddings meaningful and special to them. Having a destination wedding will open up choices and venues you may not have thought of before or may not have access to back at home. For example, Greece has thousands of tiny churches in stunning locations with panoramic sea views. Other venues might include vineyards, olive groves, beaches, lakes and mountains. These unique opportunities will create wonderful memories for you and your entire wedding party.

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Wedding costs can be totally inclusive, with a one off payment and contract. You will find many all-inclusive wedding packages that offer competitive prices on travel, accommodation, venues, catering and décor. With an all-inclusive wedding package and one fixed payment you can forget about small costs adding up. Your wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon can be enjoyed in the same location, and you can have an easy wedding experience by tying everything into one beautiful big package. Why rush off to the airport for your honeymoon when you are in paradise already? The team of experts behind your wedding package will have connections within the wedding industry to ensure you get the best value for your money. You will also get to choose exactly who you want to be at your wedding. A small and intimate guest list will save you precious money that you can spend on holiday entertainment!

Together is a beautiful place to be, together in Greece is even more beautiful. If you are looking for an expert team to throw your dream wedding, Luxury Weddings in Crete by Vasiliki and our team of wedding experts will work meticulously with you to design, plan and deliver the wedding you are dreaming of. All it takes, is a simple hello!

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