Wedding’s dress total guide

Wedding’s dress total guide

The time that every female dream is about to come. A lot of women are drowning through the ocean of suggestions, magazines, social media, etc. Which dress should be a perfect choice? Let’s make a list of the keywords that should be considered:


If you know the place of your wedding is a good start! Is it on the beach? Then forget long veils and big skirts. Choose something simple, summery, with straight lines, and easy to handle. Keep in mind that the weather at the beach could be from peaceful to windy sunshine.

Are you going to get married in a church? Then choose more traditional options and be careful with the rules of the temple. For example, avoid dresses that should be worn at cocktail parties or mini skirts.


Before you start the wedding dress rehearsal decide your budget! How much money do you want to spend on your wedding dress? Look for dresses that suit your budget. That way you won’t try your dream dress which in the end it will be too expensive to buy. Keep in mind that usually, the dress is about 10% to 15% of the total wedding cost and that the accessories, the shoes, the veil, the dress for the after party (if you decide to change outfit) and the after wedding dry cleaner are not included in the price of the dress. Keep those expenses separate in order to decide the final wedding dress’s budget.



Ten months before your wedding day is a good time to start looking for your dress but remember that you have to place your order early enough. Wedding dresses are made-to-order which means that the sewing procedure begins after your body’s measurement, fabric orders, or payment in advance. You may be lucky of course and find one to choose immediately with no needed adjustments. No matter what, you should make some research before going to the boutiques. Check out bridal magazines, and social media read about the fabrics from sites, and keep up with the new trend. Create a book with all the wished details and don’t forget to have it with you all the time!



Friends, family, colleagues, the friend of a friend…everybody has an opinion which will not help you. Take with you a very short number of people with whom you are close and you trust their opinion. Avoid people that make you feel insecure and prefer those that are honest.


Get out of your comfort zone and try different styles. You may be pleasantly surprised with what may fit you. You may like a dress that looks perfect in the picture but not on your body type. Begin with the details that you dislike the most (ie long sleeves, long tail, etc). The key is to fit you perfectly. Don’t stick to numbers and be careful: don’t buy a dress hoping that you are about to lose weight!

You will probably need 2 or 3 rehearsals to complete the dress. Make sure that the last rehearsal will be one or two weeks before the wedding and take with you those that are going to help you get dressed on the big day. They should know how you get in and out of that dress.

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