Wedding reception and alcohol

Wedding reception and alcohol

Alcohol usually gets the party started in a wedding reception. However, non-alcoholic drinks seem to be the new trend for wedding receptions. There are several reasons why some couples choose an alcohol free wedding: for health, religious or financial reasons, for cultural preferences etc. So, the questions is, how can we find alternatives to alcohol on such a big day.
Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Set up a cold buffet. This will allow your guests to create their own dishes by mixing and matching their favourite foods from the buffet. You can do the same with a dessert and candy buffet.
  2. Put board games on the tables of the wedding reception.
  3. Focus on entertaining your guests with music and singing. Organise a song and dance contest.
  4. Set up a bar where the bartender will prepare several non-alcoholic cocktails made from herbs and fruit.
  5. Ask a pastry chef to create customised desserts in front of the guests at the wedding reception.

These tips have already been proven effective in weddings we have organized. The majority of the weddings have taken place in Crete; for the reception we have used Cretan herbs and other ingredients that are commonly used in Cretan cuisine.

Crete is one of many incredible places to organize a unique wedding in Greece.

We are sure that if you try our ideas, you will make your wedding reception unforgettable for your guests.

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