Wedding Planners in Greece, an indispensable service for your dream destination wedding!

Wedding Planners in Greece, an indispensable service for your dream destination wedding!

The wedding industry has taken a huge hit over the past couple of years, but the good news is that wedding celebrations are once again in full swing! Wedding photographers have returned to their wedding photo-shoots, wedding caterers are back in business delivering sumptuous feasts for wedding banquets, and wedding planners have returned to the sides of brides and grooms and are busily arranging their weddings. After a lengthy period without celebration for health and safety reasons, all people involved in the making of a wedding, are appreciating the event like never before!

Many couples who plan to get married in Greece are either new to the country or have visited select parts of it. Many of these couples seek out the help of a wedding planner to decide on a suitable location and venue due to the vast number of possibilities available to them. Films such as Mamma Mia with its stunning imagery of cliffs and infinite blue seas have inspired many to choose the Greek islands for their destination wedding. The movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding has sold the idea of extravagant festivities, large feasts and dancing the whole night away to thousands of couples worldwide. Soon-to-be married couples have also been drawn to the idea of hiring specialist wedding consultants to arrange their nuptials after seeing romantic films such as The Wedding Planner. As you can imagine, wedding planning companies in Greece and worldwide are busier than ever before fulfilling these expectations!

Couples have always had someone in their lives to assist them in planning their weddings, whether it was a close friend or relative, who helped prepare the wedding feast, decorated the venue, organized the guest list, and perhaps even made the bridal wedding gown, all as a favour for the soon-to-be married couple. Traditionally in Greece, the bride’s and groom’s parents, relatives and close friends would organise and handle every aspect of the wedding, from the food, to the wedding dress and the decoration of the wedding venue. This can still be the case nowadays, but in today’s time pressured environment, many busy couples in Greece are appreciating the help of professional wedding planners to put their special day into action! Hiring a wedding planner to help couples arrange their wedding is actually still a relatively new practice in most parts of Europe, having started in America after WWII as a service primarily used by the rich and famous. In 1981, when the world paused to see Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ fairy-tale wedding, couples began to organize increasingly grand events, and more people started turning to wedding planners to help them stage their union. Wedding planning as a career became increasingly popular and wedding planning services became cheaper and more accessible to all.

For little over a few decades, Greece has been a popular wedding destination for couples from all over the globe, and the Greek wedding planning business is rapidly expanding and becoming one of the most powerful areas of the Greek tourist industry. Couples looking for the perfect wedding venue appear to have found it in many lovely spots around Greece, thanks to the assistance of local Greek wedding planners who know their region inside and out. So, what can you expect from top Greek wedding planners? You can count on them to select a stunning backdrop and venue for your wedding with deep blue skies, brilliant sunsets, sandy beaches and turquoise waters. You can also be sure they will offer you a space in which you can have the time of your lives, while listening to live music and dancing the night away! Not only that, but you will also be in safe hands as most local Greek wedding planners will have connections with the best caterers in the region for locally sourced and organic food, and they will be able to create a wonderful wedding menu for you so that, just like in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, no one goes home hungry! The best local Greek wedding planners will be able to meet your budget and expectations since, overall, they offer a wide range of wedding packages that include services needed for grand and lavish affairs as well as packages with services that cater to more understated and simple wedding events. So, whether you are on a limited budget or want to go all out, a local wedding planner will be able to supply you with quality services that will match your expectations. Furthermore, you will be able to make your wedding all about you. You will be offered a range of choice for the type of ceremony you want, and you will be able to tailor your wedding package as you wish, to include the services you want, such as wedding invitations, caterers, jewellers, transportation, accommodation, photography and videography services and many more. In addition, a top local Greek wedding planner will ensure that your wedding rituals, customs, and tastes are taken into account so that your wedding reflects you and your special other half.

The Luxury Weddings team of wedding specialists is situated in Crete and are seasoned experts in event planning to customers from all over the world. We provide a diverse range of event services and packages, including civil marriages, orthodox weddings, proposals, vow renewal ceremonies, and more. Our mission is to design, arrange, and deliver events of a lifetime, and we work closely with our customers to achieve this. Understanding your vision for your big day is critical to us, and we maintain good communication all the way throughout each couple’s wedding journey. Since many of our clients are from other countries, we provide them with unlimited online support and assistance to discuss their wedding plans until they reach us. Our team of professionals collaborate with one another to ensure all aspects of an event come together seamlessly on the day, all while ensuring that our clients are getting the most value for their money. We know every part of Crete, inside and out, and have access to many beautiful venues such as beaches, ancient sites, churches, wineries, hotels, villas and resorts, all over the island, that make idyllic wedding venues. We recognize that each of our clients is unique and has a distinct vision for their special day, and we honour them by designing events that represent their values, tastes, and preferences.If you are interested in finding out more about our company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to offer you our assistance during your wedding journey on the heavenly island of Crete!

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