Wedding planners in Crete

Wedding planners in Crete

Are you planning a destination wedding, proposal, or vow renewal in Crete, Greece? The team at Luxury Weddings in Crete is here to assist you. Couples considering luxury celebrations have a variety of alternatives when it comes to our packages. Do you require assistance in developing a one-of-a-kind proposal? We hear you loud and clear. Do you want a beachfront wedding with a five-star resort stay? We can take care of it. Do you require assistance on your wedding day? Our team will be there on hand to ensure that your big day runs smoothly leaving you with memories to last you a lifetime!

Who we are

Luxury Weddings in Crete was founded by Vasiliki Iliaki, the creative director, over a decade ago. Vasiliki Iliaki spent six years developing her tourism and event management skills in Italy before returning to Greece and starting her own wedding planning company. Today, she works with clients both in Greece and worldwide to create bespoke, unique and luxurious events. Luxury Weddings in Crete is a leader in the field of wedding event planning due to their devotion to creating seamless wedding events, as well as their broad knowledge and wide professional experience in the wedding industry, both locally and worldwide. It should come as no surprise that the Luxury Weddings staff members are passionate about what they do, and that the company prioritizes the needs of its customers. The Luxury weddings team recognizes the value of working closely with clients, including them throughout the process in order to produce one-of-a-kind, memorable, and successful events for everyone.

What we offer

Our team consists of highly talented and experienced specialists who plan weddings, marriage proposals, vow renewals, and other private wedding events, with one-of-a-kind services in the most beautiful locations in Crete. Our skilled team assembles all the necessary components, handling everything from start to finish, from big picture aesthetics to the smallest logistical concerns. We provide a wide range of services, including civil marriages, orthodox weddings, proposals, and vow renewal ceremonies. Our company prides itself on being all-inclusive and has vast experience in hosting weddings of all faiths. Beaches, historic monuments, churches, vineyards, hotels, villas and resorts are just a few of the idyllic places we have access to for your special day. We recognize that choosing a venue that compliments and enhances your theme is of utmost importance and in choosing the right venue for each couple they will feel more connected to their surrounding environment and be more comfortable on their big day. We further recognize that each client is unique and has a distinct vision for their special day, so we design, coordinate, and deliver events that represent their values, tastes, and vision. In addition to finding the ideal location, venue and suppliers for your special day, we support your guests with travel and accommodation, establish trip itineraries, and handle the cultural differences, rules, and regulations that come with a destination wedding.

Who we work with

We work with many couples who live in Crete and in other parts in Greece as well as couples who travel to Crete from other countries in the world. Many of our clients are drawn towards a ceremony abroad, as it offers plenty of possibilities for innovative and interesting options that tie into Greek cultures and traditions. Our clients have the opportunity to do something special and unique that is not necessarily available at home. From underwater vows to vineyard proposals, and beach weddings, the list is endless. A lot of our couples come to us because they want to give their weddings additional sentimental value by revisiting the location they spent their first holiday in together as a couple. Recreating those cherished memories as a newly engaged or married or even remarried couple can make their day that little more special. Many of our customers live overseas, so we provide them with online support and boundless opportunities to discuss their celebratory plans, throughout each stage, until they arrive in Crete and their special day is due.

About the brand

Marriage proposals, weddings and vow renewals are special occasions that bring people together and need careful planning and coordination. The Luxury Wedding’s company has a reputation for being executing the successful wedding events in Crete, from intimate gatherings to large-scale events with a local, national, and international clientele. The goal of Luxury Weddings in Crete is to bring people together and create special memories together. “Because of its consistent, sunny climate and magnificent landscape, Crete is a great wedding destination, we put our client’s best interests at heart and create magical events that reflect each unique couple’s story and style,” says Vasiliki Iliaki, the creative director and founder of Luxury Weddings in Crete, who has been designing and executing exceptional wedding celebrations since 2008.

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