Wedding Myths

Wedding myths and how to overcome them

Myth No.1 – You have to wear a white wedding dress

If you haven’t imagined yourself in a white wedding dress with a huge skirt and a long veil, then you don’t have to force it. You can put on your hair feathers or flowers or make a flower crown! If you like colours try to find a designer who has used coloured themes on his creations. There are plenty of choices such as dusty pink, blush pink, yellow or peach. There are people that are more into colored themes and their final choices are from deep red to black! You are the one to decide after all.

Myth No.2 – Your talented friends are as good as the professionals

Your best friend takes amazing pictures with her phone and recently she bought a new camera! And she is not going to charge as much as the professional. What an opportunity! Of course it is if you don’t care enough about the result. Your wedding day is one of a kind and you want to have everything in perfection. Your friends, even if they have the best intentions, are not going to accomplish their task as good as the professionals. And this rule is applied everywhere from decoration to wedding organization.

Myth No.3 – Since you were invited to their wedding you have to invite them to yours

As we said before it is your day! Invite those with whom you want to share this event. Even if they are people that take it for granted, inform them as soon as possible, that because of the low budget planning, they are not invited.

Myth No.4 – Wedding planner is too expensive!

The wedding planner will help you not only by controlling the whole event but he/she can keep you with the budget too. The to do list is huge and there are a number of things that you have to think, control, arrange etc. Wedding planners have a huge number of graphic designers, decorators, dj’s and all kinds of professionals that you are going to need. Furthermore they can keep you on budget goals taking care of everything you wish for the suitable price. If you want your wedding to be as you imagined, hire a wedding planner!

Myth No.5 – DIY will save you money

Be careful. DIY is not always cheaper except if you have access to a huge amount of the needed materials. If you don’t, then it will probably cost much more than you have planned in the first place. Plus the time! You must consider the time needed to prepare 100 or 200 invitations or bonbonnieres. So before you start making things yourself reconsider!

Myth No.6 – You need a fortune to have an amazing wedding

It is true that the cost of a wedding is high. There are ways though to help you save money. Make priorities. If you wish to get a wedding dress from a famous designer, then make sure to cut the expenses from other sources such as invitations (for example you can send e-invitations). Make sure that your new life starts with good memories and not with debts.

Myth No.7 – The food at weddings are tasteless

The fact that you have been to some weddings with tasteless food or even bad quality, it doesn’t mean that it has to be the same at your wedding. Make sure you taste the food that is about to be served before your guests. If something isn’t right change it on time.

Myth No.8 – An expensive wedding dress is always a good dress

There are a variety of dresses in the market. Some have good quality, others are expensive or they have the signature of a famous brand. At the end of the story you are the one to decide which one will fit you better and it is on budget. Ask for previous season’s dresses or talk about the discount that you will have. Furthermore check out the rental option since it is more cheaper than buying one.

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