Wedding Feast

Wedding Feast

Crete is the most ideal place for someone to organize his own wedding. It combines harmonically its impressive mountains, with its unique beaches and their green-blue waters. It is a destination with incredible locations, full of energy and unparalleled history. Crete does not need an introduction to the world of food; global researches characterized the Cretan nutrition as the most exemplary. Besides, thanks to this, the Cretans owe their long life.

Our company is characterized by the positive mood and the art of high cooking and joy of food, which comes from traditional recipes and creative cuisine. The majority of the primary material comes from our farm, and our biological grows. We also have natural biological wine of an exquisite quality, of our production. You will have at your disposal the most specialized chefs dependently the menu you will choose. Our company is by guarantee an ode in marrying of great knowledge of wine and of the real appreciation of food. We can serve from 2 up to 1000 people.

We offer:

luxurious hotels  

luxurious restaurants  

private beaches (ideal for cocktail parties and food)  

private areas for great ceremonies  

luxurious catering at your villa  

catering in forests, vineyards, oil fields, shepherd shelters, animal farms, energy and archaeological sites  

anything you ask