Today’s Wedding Challenges and How to Meet Them

Today’s Wedding Challenges and How to Meet Them

Almost every aspect of our lives has been transformed this past year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic. We have worked from home, learned remotely, joined live yoga sessions on Zoom, have a new found appreciation for health and delivery workers, coupled with an unusual fear of a toilet paper shortage. The years 2020 and 2021 have been dramatic, to say the least. There has not been a single industry left unaffected by these unpredictable times and one such industry, that has taken a severe blow, is the wedding industry.

Thousands of couples worldwide booked their weddings for the year 2020 and had to cancel or postpone them until 2021. Once more, these couples had to change their save the date invitations, this spring, postponing after confusion over restriction measures. Weddings booked close to home became challenging and, due to constraints on international travelling, crowded gatherings and the application of social distancing, saying a simple I do abroad became impossible. The introduction of the Covid 19 vaccine, also known as the injection of hope, has meant that people are starting to see the light at the end of a very dark and isolated tunnel, which brings promise of a future of getting together and mingling once more. After a year of anxiety surrounding their weddings, couples from all around the world are seeing restrictions easing, lockdowns lifting and the wedding industry is now ready to reopen for business.

Greece, one of the world’s most popular destinations for weddings, has been commended by worldwide press for dealing with the Covid 19 crisis in an admirable way. Although Greece has a high number of senior citizens and a vulnerable economy, it has managed to keep the pandemic under control. Greece enforced strict health protocols and measures very early on in the pandemic to curb the effects of the pandemic and protect its citizens. Lockdowns, masks, curfews, click and away shopping and restrictions on social gatherings were put into place before the infection rate rose beyond control and this way Greece avoided the kind of casualty rates that have been seen in other European countries. This year, the arrival of the vaccine was received with open arms by a vast majority of Greeks and distributed quickly with the goal of having the entire adult population in Greece vaccinated by July 2021. Today, Greek people and visitors from abroad continue to follow the advice of health experts and have recently brought in self-testing measures that have proved successful in limiting infection rates. With thousands of Greek citizens being vaccinated daily, Greece will remain to be a safe place for visitors and couples wanting to host their weddings in this country.

A huge advantage of getting married in Greece, now more than ever, is that most wedding venues are spacious and have outdoor seating. In a time when health experts are advising people to avoid being in crowded settings this is a huge bonus. Currently up to 100 guests are allowed in outdoor seated areas. Any event held during the pandemic, regardless of its size, should be assessed for safety, and just by being in a spacious venue and outdoors in fresh air, you are eliminating risk and creating a safer environment for your guests.

If you love sun, sea and sunsets and are looking to tie the knot in a safe place without fear of the Covid pandemic than Greece is the place for you, but, you need to book promptly. As vaccinations and the easing of health and safety restrictions come into effect, the rush to book destination weddings has already started. In the summer months of 2021, the wedding industry in Greece is seeing a huge surge in destination wedding bookings. As many wedding dates booked for 2020 have been postponed, couples will need to be flexible with dates, perhaps opting for weekday rather than weekend wedding ceremonies, and will need to schedule the day quickly. This way couples can avoid being in the position of having to further delay their weddings. It is also smart to have a backup date drafted for your wedding day. Having a second possible date that works for your wedding party, wedding planning team and vendors will mean that if things don’t go quite to plan you will be able to reschedule rather than cancel the big day.

Having a wedding planner to help you plan, arrange and execute your destination wedding in Greece is more necessary these days than ever. Organising a destination wedding during a pandemic is a different story and many of the logistics you will have to take into consideration may still be in effect after the worst of the troubles are over. A wedding planner will help you with the conventional groundwork of booking your flights, reserving your accommodation, declaring your wedding rings at customs and the general bureaucracy and legalities surrounding weddings abroad. However, this year they will need to help you with some unconventional planning as well due to the pandemic. This could be anything from arranging Covid tests, to handling social distancing and contact tracing measures. Greece, like other countries, has certain health and safety protocols and procedures that you and your wedding party will need to abide by in order to have a safe, happy and memorable wedding day. A local wedding planner will be familiar with all the measures and legal proceedings, as it is their job to be up to date with the current affairs in their locality. They will also know which dates and venues are the most reliable for your ceremony and will be able to foresee and solve any anticipated problems. At the end of the day, their mission will be to create a unique, safe and unforgettable experience for you and your loved one.

If there is anything that life during the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is of the value of being safe and with our loved ones. We are here assist you and to help you navigate your way through to your dream wedding in beautiful Greece and to give you and your loved ones the chance to embrace each other, to celebrate your love and reunite with one another.

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