The wedding to do list for the big day

The wedding to do list for the big day

The proposal is made! The day is set. What about now?

Either you are a control freak, or if you just want to have your wedding’s control, we shorted a list for you so you can have a path to walk through.

12-16 Months before…

  • Choose the month and the date. Have 2 or 3 different possible dates just in case something goes wrong
  • Search for your wedding theme
  • Decide the available budget
  • Choose your best man or maid of honor

8-10 Months before…

  • You should choose your wedding planner! Contact us and we will help with all the process!
  • Make your guest list
  • Search for your photographer or camera man
  • Contact the DJ or the band
  • Now is the time to find the perfect location for your theme! You can get some ideas here.
  • The wedding dress fitting time is about to start. Search for the dress that fits you best!

5-7 Months before…

  • Invitation’s and “Save the Date” time!
  • Groom’s outfit. What he prefer to wear?
  • Test menu, wedding cake and treats
  • Let’s think about the honeymoon

4 Months before….

  • Sent the “Save the Date” message to the guests and family
  • Now is the time for decoration and flowers
  • If you need to lose some weight, you may want to start now
  • Bride’s shoes
  • Find the Make-up artist and hairstylist

3 Months before…

  • Send invitations
  • Buy the groom’s outfit and shoes
  • Order the treats or the bonbonnieres for the guests
  • Finalize menu/treats for the wedding party
  • Check the bar, drinks, cocktails, welcome drinks…
  • If you want to help your guests with transportation you have to find the way and arrange it
  • What about the Bachelor/Bachelorette?
  • It is now the time for the rings and the wedding crowns

2 Months before…

  • Choose the final playlist for the wedding party. Make all the necessary arrangements
  • Check out a plan B with the wedding planner in case of rain, wind or other unpleasant circumstances
  • Wedding’s lingerie time
  • Final contact with the photographer to specify the last details

1 Month before…

  • Organize the bureaucracy of the wedding. Public announcements in the local newspaper etc.
  • Final wedding’s dress rehearsal
  • Buy bride’s accessories
  • Choose the final hairstyling and make-up
  • Final check with the wedding planner for the last details
  • Walk around in the bridal shoes at home for practise

2 Weeks before…

  • Finalize gusts’ number
  • Finalize the playlist with the dj or the band
  • Check out the seating plan for the dinner
  • Contact contributors (flowers, rental supplies, lights etc)
  • Buy or rent the wedding dress
  • Buy or rent the Groom’s outfit

1 Week before…

  • Manicure – pedicure
  • Drink water! A lot!
  • Small and healthy meals during the day. Try food that doesn’t cause bloating
  • Try to achieve both good quality and enough quantity of sleep

Wedding day

  • Eat Small and healthy meals throughout the day. Avoid sugar and coffee
  • Final hairstyle and make-up day
  • Dress up!
  • Time to photo-shoot with friends and family!

Today is the day!! Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your wedding! Even if something goes off plan are those that give you the final spice to the memorable, loving moments of your unique wedding day. Just have fun with it all.

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