Summer and weddings in Crete all year round

Summer and weddings in Crete all year round

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean.

Crete has probably the best climate in the world. Our island is situated in the 35th parallel and just 2,100 miles from the Equator. Summer lasts almost 6 months with 10 months of sunshine and average annual temperature 19o C. The average sea temperature is 21 o C and even in winter doesn’t go below 14 o C. In summer the weather in Crete is very pleasant with not unusually hot days. Spring and autumn can often be sunny and warm. Mild winters can give ways to lots of snow. There is weather difference between north and south or east and west of the island which is associated with the large surface area of the island (8.259 km2) and its morphology. In the south, for example, the weather is sunny all year round. Crete is the ideal destination for a wedding on a sandy beach with crystal-clear waters. The exceptional natural beauty, the idyllic sunset, the sound of the waves, the sea breeze will make your wedding day memorable.

For all these reasons Greece is the ideal place to spend your vacations and organize your wedding. Over the past years wedding tourism in Greece has become the new trend with Crete getting ahead of the game.

We can help you choose the place of your dreams, orginize your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception.

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