We find with you the best subject for your wedding, always based in your preferences. The wide fasma of our services will give us the ability to make the wedding of your dreams.

  • Plan and enclosure of a wedding
    Plan and enclosure of a wedding
    The experienced team of LUXURY WEDDING will be next to you from the very...
  • Wedding decoration
    Wedding decoration
    For our company, the decoration is one of the most important parts of a...
  • Photos & videos
    Photos, videos
    We cooperate with the best people in the island.
  • limousine
    If you wish for a unique arrival in your ceremony, we provide...
  • Personal care
    Personal care
    We provide: Hair dresser, aesthetic, manicure, pedicure, massage, beauty services, relaxation, or anything else...
  • Wedding cake
    Wedding cake
    We cooperate with the best chef, who can create anything you can imagine. You...
  • Music
    Recorded music, professional DJ, live music.
  • Entertainment
    Children amuser, Hen/Batchelor party, traditional dance group band, anything else asked.
  • Traditional choices
    Traditional choices
    Wreaths, candies, raki, traditional sweets, bobonieres (candy gifts), red traditional wine for the couple,...
  • Next day’s magic destination
    Next day’s magic destination
    The day of your wedding passes so fast, and you cannot live your special...
  • Accommodation
    We cooperate with incredible villas in fantastic locations and luxurious hotels in exotic places....