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When it comes to wedding preparations, choosing the ideal setting is essential. Soon-to-be married couples may prefer a traditional white church wedding affair or something a little less conservative, with a greater emphasis on nature and the venue's natural surroundings.

Ceremonies and receptions might take place on the same or separate sites, in an outdoor or indoor setting. It all depends on the couple’s tastes, style and preferences.

Crete is blessed because it combines the best of both worlds, a huge variety of elegant wedding venues all situated in locations whose beauty can make you shed a tear, and Luxury Weddings have their doors held open to you on your wedding day.

Reception Venues - Luxury Weddings Crete

Luxury Weddings’ select beautiful beaches, both broad and open with breaking waves and isolated sheltered bays with shallow waters, which offer a peaceful and romantic setting for weddings, in addition to their exquisite natural beauty.

Couples looking to have a grand wedding affair will find heaven on earth in one of Luxury Weddings’ many premium resorts and hotels, which are not only in beautiful settings, but are also large enough to accommodate a variety of wedding ceremony and reception possibilities. The limit is your imagination!

Luxury Weddings’ choice of elegant Cretan villas on cliff tops, beachfronts, and mountainsides, in lush green landscapes and with state-of-the-art facilities, will provide couples and their wedding party with a beautiful natural setting as well as privacy, tranquillity, and quiet.

Rural vineyards in the Cretan countryside make wonderful venues for scenery enthusiasts, and they offer even more than just stunning views. A wedding held in a Cretan vineyard venue allows wedding guests to relax into nature's embrace and fully engage with one another in an elegant and calm setting.

Reception Venues - Luxury Weddings Crete

Hundreds of churches, chapels, cathedrals and monasteries occupy the landscape of Crete, making for another exceptionally lovely type of wedding venue. These antique venues are surrounded by the natural beauty of Crete's diverse landscape, with aquamarine sea views, stunning sunsets, and with the striking Cretan mountain range as a backdrop.

There are many other luxurious and elegant venues in the Luxury Weddings portfolio, such as lakes, olive groves and country estates that would make wonderful settings for your wedding day, and we can help set you up in one that was made for your special day.

Contact the Luxury Weddings Team for further assistance on your Luxury dream wedding venue and make your dream wedding a reality!