Planned Beach Weddings in Greece

Planned Beach Weddings in Greece

It takes a lifetime to discover Greece, but it only takes an instance to fall in love with her

Greece has held its position in Europe, as a prime tourist hot spot, since the early seventies. Known as the cradle of Western civilization, Greece is a melting pot of ancient history, allure and charisma. In 2019, over 30 million people travelled to Greece, making Greece one of the most favoured tourist destinations worldwide. It is little wonder why, millions of couples too, have been coming to Greece to get married every year. Boasting over 16,000 kilometres of gorgeous coastline, a stable warm climate, Greece is home to over 6000 exquisite islands. Among many landmarks, spectacular sights such as Santorini and its maze of Cycladic whitewashed houses and illustrious sunsets, Mykonos and its legendary port Chora and the Medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes, make unique settings for weddings.

The Greek Isles present a collage of diverse landscapes and customs. Mykonos is fun- loving, with lively tavernas and populated beaches. Delos is stoic, protecting the ruins of its ancient sanctuaries in solemn dignity. Milos is magical, with its volcanic rock formations and stunning village vistas

There are, quite frankly, thousands of islands to choose from as wedding destinations in Greece, and each island offers an exclusive, unparalleled experience to its wedding guests. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. It is famous for its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, its enchanting sunsets and its patchwork of quaint villages hidden in lush valleys highlighted by the mountain tops. Crete’s lengthy coastline is riddled with gorgeous coves and sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that everyone can swim in. From small to large-scale, organized or secluded, Crete has a vast range of spectacular beaches to suit each and every wedding party. Crete’s bright sunlit climate also makes it the perfect destination for a beach wedding, as it is the closest part of Greece to Africa and has a reliable climate throughout the year. This is a crucial factor for brides and grooms who want to avoid rainy weather during their wedding experience abroad.

Greece: The feeling of being lost in time and geography with months and years hazily sparkling ahead in a prospect of inconjecturable magic.

One of the best reasons to get married on a beach on a Greek island is simply because of the stunning setting and views. Deep blue waters lapping on golden shores, framed by deep amber hued sunsets, makes for an unparalleled vision on a wedding day. What could be more romantic as a setting and also give you the perfect inspiration for your wedding album? A beach wedding on a Greek island is ideal for the comfort and relaxation of the whole wedding party. If you are not a fan of solemn events full of formalities, a beach wedding can offer you a more relaxed and informal setting to exchange vows in. Your wedding attire can also be more comfortable, giving you a more cool and casual style. This is not to say that you will be underdressed for your special day, it is just an opportunity to do away with strict tailoring and corsets and embrace wedding attire suitable to warm weather! A beach wedding is also highly suitable if you or your guests have small children in tow. Rather than being stuck in muggy hall for your ceremony and reception, all guests will have the space they need to relax in, and little people can enjoy playing on the beach. Your loved ones and friends, from each and every phase of your life, can join in on celebrating you and your loved one, in a relaxed environment. The informal beach setting will make guests meeting for the first time feel at ease, and the entire wedding party will have the space and atmosphere to truly enjoy each other, for a memorable occasion.

I like reading, free diving, and hiking. But my favourite thing to do is travel anywhere in Greece. I love everything about that place.

If the idea of the unparalleled beauty of the Greek islands, the enticing climate and a beach wedding experience has captivated you, you may be wondering about the cost of it all. A huge bonus of having a beach wedding on a Greek island is that it is actually affordable. Everyone who has planned or is planning a wedding knows that getting married is a logistical headache. Greece however, is one of the less costly countries to tie the knot in. This is partly to do with the advantage of the ever seesawing exchange rates and partly with the wide range of accommodation that Greece has, to suit each and every budget. You can choose to have a grand wedding affair or an intimate one, all in the knowledge that the Greek islands have a wide variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and preferences. So whether you want an inexpensive beach wedding or a lavish affair in Mykonos, Greece is famed for providing high quality services to match all expectations, regardless of budget. Hosting your beach wedding on a Greek island means you can kill two or even three of four birds with one stone. Your wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon can be enjoyed in the same destination and you can have a hassle free wedding experience by merging everything into one beautiful package, a magical beach vacation, surrounded by your loved ones. And if you want a change of scene with your special person for your honeymoon, you can hop on a boat and visit one of the other 6,000 stunning islands that Greece has to offer! Perhaps, Syros, Hydra, Milos, Paxos or Santorini! With 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece, some touring is a must.

Because a beach wedding is often a multi-day celebration, the chances are that you will need the assistance of a local, expert, wedding planning team. This team will make certain that you have the bespoke wedding experience of your dreams. Everything from venue accessibility, to making sure you and your loved ones are comfortable and relaxed on your special day, will be arranged, planned and executed wisely, so that you have the magical beach wedding you have dreamt of. Are you drawn to the idea of a beach wedding on a Greek island? Help is just around the corner and all you have to do is say a simple hello so that we can help you say… I do!

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