Luxury Honeymoon at Crete

Luxury Honeymoon at Crete

New married couples that wish for a luxurious and romantic honeymoon, can choose among a number of beautiful hotels and village resorts, suites and all of them by the sea, in Greece!

Greece is a wonderful country with a variety of landscapes where you can live your dream wedding or even spend your honeymoon romance. Among the numerous islands and seaside’s stands out Crete. It is the larger one and can be the perfect choice to fulfill every desire.

Crete is famous for its unique traditional weddings which are full of love and romance. New couples are willing to enjoy their wedding or honeymoon (or both) and leave all the arrangements needed to the experts. And because it is a tradition for the bride and the groom to set out for their honeymoon the moment, they leave the wedding reception, the better choice is to have it all-in!

Stage your wedding near the sea or up on a mountain, arrange the party at a beach bar, or at a luxury under the stars dining room and enjoy every moment! Avoid the uncomfortable traveling. Airlines regularly change routes, hotels update pricing, and while all of these variables are in play, if you have your sights set on some seriously far-flung adventure destinations, you might want to look at planning your honeymoon as far as a year in advance. And don’t forget that usually a couple of days are necessary to recover for the after-wedding party.

So why not consider booking everything at the same Island? Crete is such a big island that can provide you with different kinds of places and amazing sites to relax, make sports, enjoy parties, drink or even visit museums and sightseeing. Ask for a beautiful suite to spend your first night as a couple and wake up straight up to your honeymoon’s first day!

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