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The ocean has a compelling quality that convinces couples to incorporate it into their wedding day. With a 650-mile coastline, it’s no wonder that many of these couples choose Crete, home to hundreds of magnificent beaches with breath-taking ocean views.

Yacht Wedding

Weddings don’t have to just be on the beach or coast, though, and at Luxury Weddings we have access to a variety of boats and yachts that may be customized to suit any wedding theme or concept. We can offer a variety of services to couples who are interested in getting married or celebrating on the magnificent seas surrouding Crete.

Based on our client’s wishes, we can arrange bespoke wedding ceremonies on shore, followed by luxurious receptions on board a fine sea-faring vessel, or even the opportunity to have both the wedding ceremony and reception out on open waters.

Luxury Weddings can recommend a variety of boats and yachts to choose from in order to suit your specific needs. On almost all of our boat rentals, from the more affordable options to the luxurious yachts, our clients can customise the details accordingly. We can add on a hotel pick-up to sort out transporation, help you fully stock the boat with champagne, or help coordinate a reception dinner on board.

Yacht WeddingYacht Wedding

There are several benefits to having your destination wedding aboard one of Luxury Weddings’ select boats and yachts in Crete. The setting’s unrivalled beauty is first and foremost. No amount of styling and decoration can compete with the sight of deep blue waves gently lapping a golden coastline as the sun is going down.

Couples who choose to have at least part of their special day on a yacht or boat, will not only be enjoying luxury services in a memorable setting, but also have the benefit of a truly serene atmosphere out in open waters. It will ease your guests if they’re meeting for the first time or help them truly engage with one another after a long time apart.

Yacht weddings in Crete provide settings with extraordinary beauty, as well as the sound, smell and feel that the natural elements of the sea. All these factors combine together to create a one-of-a-kind, truly memorable occasion.

As the sun sets gently and you recite your vows, your guests will raise their glasses to you and your loved one, against the magnificent backdrop of a natural horizon, signalling the start of a new chapter of your life together.

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