Wedding in metato

Wedding in metato (Shepherd’s mountain shelter)

Metato is a stone, tholos-like structure of the cretan mountains. It is rooted back in Minoan times, as they are built with the same folkloric system of the minoan tholos tombs. The carefully crafted metato construction, only with stones, without any kind of cement, was the best solution on the rocky mountains of Crete. That becomes clear from the fact that even after many centuries, many shepards use the metata to stay with the flock during summer months. They are also used as on site cheeses’ factory units. They usually are next to a yard for the sheep, while inside there is a place for leaving and guarding cheese. In the centre of the tholos there is a hole for the exit of the smoke to the exterior.

If you are a mountain lover, this place will provide you a wild beauty and will be the perfect place for the marriage of your dreams! In this primitive building you will revive many of the ancient costumes of Crete.