Wedding in a vineyard

Wedding in a vineyard

“Crete… the land in the middle of the sea who has the color of wine”, wine”, according to Homer.

Grape is cultivated systematically in Crete since 4000 y. a. It is not by chance the fact that the most ancient wine press, aged 4000 years old, has been discovered in the Vathypetro area. We know from Homer that the Cretan wines were famous in all over the known world. Except that press, aged 3500 years old, impressive amphorae, large underground storage rooms, relative depictions in Minoan palaces, and innumerable documents for great wine quantities in Minoan archives give a sign not only the central role that wine played in the life of Minoans, but also the high level of knowledge for it.

But the Cretan wine does not stay in the island strictly. It travels… the Minoans, with their ships, filled with the products of the Cretan land, travel around the Mediterranean sea. So they reach in the court of the most powerful man of the ancient world, the Egyptian Pharaoh; in Egyptian frescoes we see Cretans arrive in the Egyptian harbors with their ships. Among the (p.8) rest of the shipment we can see amphorae filled perhaps with wine. In the wreck of such a ship, which was found in the open coasts of Turkey, an amphora such as this was found, still sealed and filled with wine, aged 3500 years old..

Imagine yourself walking side by side along the lines of the wine field.

Imagine a roustique and traditional dinner escorted by the Mediterranean biological tastes and from the natural wine of the field.

This is undoubtedly one of the most romantic ways to declare your eternal love to each other. Imagine your wedding to take place in a wonderful Cretan vineyard!