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Crete has a multitude of wonderful villas to pick from, and Luxury Weddings has the knowledge, experience and contacts to help you select the ideal one for your wedding vision. Perhaps youโ€™d like to get married in a high-end contemporary villa with beautiful rustic touches, surrounded by olive trees, wild Cretan herbs and blossoms? Or one of our select coastal villas come with landscaped gardens and stunning seaside views?


Our selected villas are secluded getaways that offer peace and quiet. They are absolutely ideal for couples wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and surround themselves and their wedding party with nature and calm. Our villas are found in remote areas of the island, where there are no nearby buildings, traffic or distractions, allowing our clients to rest and enjoy their special day with their wedding party, in the peace and quiet of the Cretan air.

One great advantage for couples who chose to host their wedding party and marry in a villa is that apart from the villa rental price, there are no additional accommodation and transportation costs; relatives and close friends can stay in the same accommodation and celebrate on site.

Furthermore, having a wedding in a villa gives you complete control over your wedding schedule and the timing of your special day. You can have your wedding ceremony at any time of day and the reception is similarly customisable.

Villa WeddingVilla Wedding

The villas in the Luxury Weddingโ€™s portfolio are large, comfortable and give clients the scope and range they need to build a wedding concept. Outdoor hot tubs and dining spaces, heated infinity pools, luxury suites, tennis courts, spas, as well as fundamental utilities such as laundry rooms, numerous bedrooms, and bathrooms, may be included in each of our recommended villas.

A villa wedding venue in Crete might be the best choice for you and your significant other on your big day, providing a wonderful place for you and your guests to enjoy your time together in as much privacy as you wish for.

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