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Crete’s hotels and resorts are an excellent choice for couples looking for a romantic setting for their destination wedding. Hotels and resorts not only offer plenty of amenities and entertainment options, but they also have the space to accommodate even the largest wedding parties.

Hotel Wedding

Luxury Weddings has access to a wide range of hotels and resorts in a variety of locations around the island of Crete, all of which offer high quality wedding services. We offer clients the opportunity to host weddings in venues such as elegant city centre hotels, classic suites in the Cretan countryside, remote beachfront hotels and luxury penthouse suites all across the island.

A major benefit of hosting your wedding in one of our select resorts and hotels is that they are all located in attractive settings and are large enough to accommodate a number of separate areas for couples to host their wedding ceremony and reception. Festivities might take place on the property’s grounds, beside swimming pools, or in the property’s indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Couples can expect high-quality cuisine, customized and attentive service, and a variety of luxury rooms and suites to pick from. Our hotel and resort wedding venues will be able to provide you and your wedding party with a broad range of wedding meal menus, made up of delicious, organic and locally sourced ingredients, based on your wedding party’s tastes.

Hotel WeddingHotel Wedding

During a stay in one of our select hotels and resorts, couples and their wedding parties will have access to a wide range of entertainment and activities options. Swimming pools, spa treatments, and sports facilities are all available to guests and guarantee that you and your significant other can unwind before your wedding day and your guests can be pampered and entertained.

Furthermore, staying in one of our chosen accommodations and hosting a wedding on site, will lessen the cost and hassle of booking multiple venues and arranging transportation between them, as well as saving precious time that can be spent enjoying each other and the wedding experience overall.

After all, spending quality time with your loved ones is what a destination wedding is all about.

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