Gavdos is the southernmost limit of Europe, 32 sea miles at distance from Paliochora, 22 from Chora Sfakion and 170 from Tobruk of Libya. It is a small island, only 30 s. km, triangular in shape, with maximum length 10 km, and 5 km width.

Gavdos is a unique jewel in S. Europe, away from the crowded “civilized” world, with wild beauty, with clear blue waters, dreamy sunrises, magical sunsets, enchanting beaches and shores, and kaches who reach till the sea.

Pines, kaches, aborani and mastic trees decorate the island while heaths, and thyme spread methystic smells in the air. It is not by chance that Gavdos was incorporated in the Natura 2000 program.

The island is magic. They say that has strong magnetic fields that according to the local legend, cured the Russian nuclear physicists who came here after the Chernobil Incident, after a powerful dose of radioenergy. They still live here, in an improvised shelter, and worship Apollo.

In Gavdos you will learn the most beautiful beaches of Europe. You will be plenty of songs coming from cicadas in the pinefull mainland. What if the shores of Gavdos are drown in sand, the mainland is full of green.

Imagine your wedding in this dreamy island and think that the moment you will exchange your vows, the most beautiful sunrise of your life being spread before you.