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A significant part of Crete’s history can be found in the island’s magnificent castles and fortresses, which make wonderful wedding sites. The beauty of these historic venues, as well as their sheer size, rich history, and stunning views, make for a superb wedding setting.

Castle Wedding

Getting Married in Rethymno

The Venetian Fortress known as the Fortezza, is Rethymno’s most spectacular landmark and monument, preserving centuries of history inside its walls. The Fortezza has a church on its grounds and gives panoramic views over the city of Rethymno, as well as the breathtaking mountains in the background, and the sea below. It is a historic and wonderful setting for a bespoke wedding affair.

Luxury Weddings arranges marriages inside the church of Aghios Theodoros Trichinas, which is located inside the enclosures of the Fortezza, and wedding photo shoots can be had against the Ibraham Han mosque and the 20th-century Theatre of Erofili, which are two magnificent structures within the Fortezza’s walls.

There are countless other special areas within the Fortezza’s premises that make excellent wedding photo shoot spots. After a ceremony in the Fortezza, newly married couples can walk arm in arm through the narrow lively streets of the Old Town of Rethymno and have their first dance in a cozy courtyard dinner reception at one of Luxury Weddings’ select reception venues in the area.

Castle WeddingCastle Wedding

Arranging a Castle Wedding in Crete

Many of our clients live overseas and we provide them with online support and boundless opportunities to discuss their wedding plans throughout each stage, until they arrive in Crete and their special day comes. Luxury Weddings ensures that couples who are unable to visit their chosen historic wedding venue site prior to their wedding day, will be given viewings online to get a good idea of the scope and range that each one of Crete’s unique historic venues has.

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