Ag. Iakinthos

Agios Yakinthos

Walking over the Psilotites and in 1200 m altitude, there is a simple, circular, stone church, which reminds us of the shepard’s shelters dedicated to St. Iakinthos. It is considered to be the saint of love, pure feelings, creation and inspiration and his memory is celebrated in the 3rd of July.

St. Iakinthos wakes up at noons
takes Crete upon his feathers and eros in his hands
climbs down the mountain and takes the path
and the sun as sees him smiles and inclines
St. Iakinthos opens the windows
unites the breasts, bodies and builds the bridges
So the people be in love, to be beauty in the cosmos
so the basil to blossom, oregano, and peppermint.

Imagine your dream wedding in this dreamed destination. Just think all the magic moments you will live and the fortune you will have with the help of the saint of love.