Kids in wedding

How to deal with kids in your wedding

The truth is that as much as adorable little kids are, they can cause serious problems during a wedding to the guests but most of all, to their own parents. Kids and babies have a lot of energy, which automatically makes the time spent in a wedding a little bit of a problem for them. They cannot stand still for a long time and they are not patient at all.

If you want a calm and peaceful wedding, where everyone will have a great time, you have to consider the children and organize something to keep them busy.


Dedicate a space where all the children can draw and be creative. Give them a theme or ask them to create their personal wish card for the couple. Make sure the colors are safe for their health and for their clothes!

Hire a Nanny

Hire a professional and let him or she do their job. He / She will be responsible for the children the whole time to keep an eye on them and keep them busy so their parents will enjoy the wedding.

Bouncy Castle

Stage a Bouncy Castle for the little ones. They will play and it will keep them busy for a long time.

Cocktail Bar…for children!

Organize a corner with milk, cookies and food for the children. Advice their parents in order to make the healthier choices for them.

Make them Spies!

Give them disposable cameras and ask them to take pictures of the wedding with every little detail that will probably be missed by the photographer!