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How about a different kind of wedding?

It is now the time to make all the arrangements for your wedding. But you are a little bit different from your parents, friends or relatives. How about organizing a unique kind of wedding?

  1. Choose the perfect place for your wedding where you like the most. At the end of the day your closer friends and beloved family will follow you wherever that special day!
  2. Invitation’s design must be considered since they are a significant part of the wedding theme. Use glass tubes full of sand including a little piece of paper with the instructions, or maybe make your invitations look like concert’s ticket.
  3. Invite those you really want and care. People you haven’t spoken to in the last 6 months they shouldn’t be invited. Unless they have been kidnapped!
  4. There is nothing better if you want to make the difference than your wedding dress. Change its color. Use a new style on your hair. If you are the rock type of person, use biker boots or allstar.
  5. Instead of the usual bridal bouquet, create one of our own. Use lollipops, feathers or wheats.
  6. Avoid the rice and replace it with colorful confetti, or oil leaves or whatever you like the most. Fill little bags of them and pass them to your guests.
  7. Avoid wedding Halls. Take your planner’s advice and look up for a beach bar, a seaside tavern, a museum, a Villa to rent or your beloved beach. Every kind of place, as long as it is available, is able to host your wedding.
  8. Change the way it used to be… You don’t have to follow any rules. Don’t hesitate to go to your guests after church. Arrange the wedding photographer the next day. As soon as you arrive at the Hall, dance and drink! Name a cocktail with your name! Have fun and enjoy every moment.
  9. Feed them well! Take a look at different kinds of food or even better: new way of serving them. Arrange a BBQ with steaks and salads. Check out local dishes and create a menu full of them. If you are on an island, prefer seafood dishes with the traditional local alcohol drink.
  10. Wedding Cake: Not as usual! Make yours with cupcakes or donuts. Use the upper layer to place your wedding cake and place throughout the entire cake stand donuts, cupcakes, lollies, candy’s, jelly’s or whatever you like the most.
  11. Discuss with the photographer what kind of pictures you prefer. You might like spontaneous photos! Just say it and they will take care of it.
  12. Last but not least. Instead of hiring a DJ, consider finding a band for live performance. They don’t cost much and they could provide a unique aesthetic touch to your wedding.

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