Greece as a wedding destination and wedding packages

Greece as a wedding destination and wedding packages

Once upon a time there was a fairy wedding godmother, who made dreams come true in Greece, with a little help of some magical wedding packages.

I understand that couples are expected to stand on their own, and plan their own weddings. But it never hurts to wish for a fairy godmother, a little magic, and a happy ending every now and again! And that’s how I got started as a fairy wedding godmother. I began hearing requests from couples all around the world, and with a sprinkle of magic, I granted each of them with their perfect wedding. I have helped some pretty famous clients over the years. Cinderella desired a horse-drawn carriage and a castle venue for her wedding ceremony, as well as an orchestra to perform at her reception. Even for a fairy godmother like me, getting her glass shoes was a difficult task. Snow White wished for a beautiful cake topped with a rosy red apple and a floral wedding gown to symbolize her love of nature. She had her dream rustic wedding and looked the fairest of them all…

As you might expect, I’ve been in the wedding industry for quite some time, but these days I’m busier than ever, granting more wedding wishes to couples from every corner of the earth. You may not know me well, but it will do you good to get to know me a little better, so here is a little more about my life as a fairy wedding godmother.

 I wish to get married abroad in the most beautiful and romantic destination in the world!

This is a wish I hear a lot! Many of the couples I help, dream of getting married in the most marvellous and dreamy location in the world. And I know just where to send them. With a dash of magic, I grant their wishes, and they have their fairy tale weddings in Greece. After all, there are few countries with more magnificent scenery, sparkling seas, golden beaches, crystal clear rivers, and beautiful churches. I grant these couples’ desires with the magical and natural beauty of Greece, and I am confident that the fairy-tale like islands will fascinate them with their enchanting beauty… I whisk them away to marry in places such as the peaceful, heavenly beaches of Crete, against the magnificent ancient sites of Athens which move entire wedding parties to tears. I magic many couples away to tie the knot amid the Peloponnese highlands and alongside its stunning rivers.

Their wish is my command, but I always use a little creativity to make sure their wedding destination matches their unique personalities and passions. On the beautiful island of Crete, I have granted many young couples with beautiful sunset weddings, in luxurious resorts with breath-taking views and magnificent sunsets. I enjoy watching them spend the time leading up to their wedding day relaxing by beautiful pools, sipping handcrafted cocktails as the sun goes down before heading into their luxury resort suites. They marry surrounded by family and friends, against a backdrop of blue seas and mountains and live happily ever after!



 I wish to be treated like a princess on my big day!

This is another wish I hear a lot. And what better place to send my wonderful couples to, than Greece, the birthplace of filoxenia, which means love toward visitors. Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic. In Greece, I know my couples will be in gracious and welcoming hands for their special day. I also know that my couples will receive the best bespoke services and treatment and that they will be comfortable, cared for and have every luxury service that they have dreamed of. Many of my couples want a wedding package that they can tailor to meet their needs and wishes. When it comes to choosing wedding packages in Greece, my couples are met with a lot of variety and options that are open to customisation. Some wish for a religious Mediterranean themed wedding ceremony next to the glittering waters of Santorini. Others, a civil wedding in a luxurious beachfront resort in Mykonos. I have had couples wish for romantic weddings by the stunning lakes and rivers of many islands and others to say I do while sailing on a yacht. I witness them staying in luxury apartments, villas and resorts near the sea, dining in gourmet restaurants, unwinding in heavenly pools and partaking in all sorts of wonderful activities such as sightseeing, water sports, spa treatments and sailing, and much more. They marry in churches, vineyards, beaches, hilltops and many more magical places. Greece is a place in which I know their dream weddings will come true.

Recently, I granted a young woman and her beloved with a beautifully romantic sunset wedding on the stunning island of Crete. I put them in the safe hands of the Luxury Weddings team as soon as they arrived on the island. Even miracles need a bit of expert help! They wished for the whole wedding package, and boy did they get it! I watched them enjoy their days relaxing before their wedding day, lounging by the resorts beautiful pools, eating delicious Mediterranean food, surrounded by majestic views of the Cretan mountains and sea. They got married on the resort’s terrace against an amber sunset, the bride looked like a dream, a wonderful dream. They were surrounded by their loved ones and chose to stay on the island for their honeymoon. Why leave paradise when you are already in it? I heard the bride’s parents ask with a smile.

So, what is your wish going to be?

I am all ears and my wand is ready to make your wedding completely wonderful. Be kind, have courage and always believe in a little magic. After all every wedding planner is a fairy godmother…. Contact the Luxury Weddings team of expert wedding planners to make your every wish come true!

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