Destination Wedding Proposals in Greece

Destination Wedding Proposals in Greece

The Mediterranean breeze is soft and tepid and the sky lit by a golden sunset as he or she drops down on bended knee, holding on to a diamond ring with the hope of a simple yes and the promise of a future together. Proposing marriage is a momentous occasion for couples and marks the beginning of a life spent together. These days, people will go to all ends to create a unique wedding proposal event. If you are planning to propose to your other half or have already done so, then you have probably heard of the good proposals, the bad ones and the ugly ones. From splurging on boat rentals, ski trips and tickets to Paris, to forgetting to put the engagement ring in its velvet box, or worse, intentionally putting the ring in your lover’s favourite breakfast condiment and the rest is left to your imagination. To put it simply, getting engaged has been taken to all sorts of new heights.

But when did this wedding proposal business all begin? Well, its goes back a long way indeed. In Ancient Greece, male suitors would fling apples at potential wives. The Romans cast iron rings to give to their future brides. Moving forward to the 1900s, a jewellery campaign with the slogan ‘diamonds are forever’ created such frenzy that, today, most wedding bands have to have at least one diamond. A trending way to celebrate the occasion is a destination proposal. Today many couples travel abroad to propose to their other halves. This gives them the opportunity to have a holiday and a unique experience that will mark the new chapter in their lives. A longstanding popular location for destination marriage proposals is Greece.

With over 15.000 kilometres of gorgeous shoreline, a warm Mediterranean climate, and thousands of unique, idyllic islands, it comes as no surprise that many couples, every year, travel to Greece to celebrate their love. From vibrant city centres, to picturesque villages hidden in lush valleys, quaint coastal towns and mountain lodges, Greece has an extremely diverse landscape and a variety of venues and accommodations within each region to suit each couple’s budget, style and interests. You may choose to propose in a region of Greece that you have been thinking about visiting for a while or a location that you have previously shared special moments in together before. All that is important is that you both share the same sentiment of wanting to be there together.

One of the most popular proposal destination islands in Greece is Crete, simply because of its stunning setting and views. Deep blue waters, golden shores, deep amber sunsets, make for a unique setting to propose marriage in and give you the perfect setting for a romantic, creative and Instagram worthy wedding proposal that you can share with your friends and family back home. There is a huge variety of affordable all-inclusive marriage proposal packages available in Crete and many all-inclusive resorts on the island that are known for their expertise in the wedding industry. From simple romantic touches such as rose petals, a post celebratory champagne toast and an exclusive photographer to record the moment to more extravagant proposal affairs in penthouse suites, with five course meals and an after party, you can be sure to be safe in the hands of seasoned experts. A destination proposal event in Crete will give you and your soon-to-be bride or groom the opportunity to partake in a variety of leisurely and fun activities that you may not be able to experience so easily back home on your turf. It is all up to the limits of your imagination but some activities to take advantage of could be a guided sightseeing tour, a boat trip, a pampering spa session or hiking. After all, you didn’t travel the distance to stay indoors did you? With 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece, some touring is a must. However you envision your proposal event and whatever activities you plan, what is certain is that just being away from your everyday routines back home will be refreshing and will give you both the chance to connect and enjoy each other company to the fullest.

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When it comes to choosing wedding proposal packages in Greece, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety and range of choice. Are you dreaming of proposing next to glittering Cretan waters? Is proposing in a luxurious Cretan beach front resort the perfect venue for you? Would you like a romantic boat tour of a Cretan lake, before your proposal, to help you set the mood? An all-inclusive wedding proposal package will offer you an expert wedding planning team to help you plan and execute your dream wedding proposal while keeping your budget in mind. This wedding planning team will have a wealth of experience in planning all sorts of weddings events and they will be able to run the day for you, ensuring that everything is proceeding as agreed. The team will gather information from you to create a unique proposal that reflects your love for one another and that incorporates your favourite activities. Everything from suppliers, to high quality merchandise and services will be arranged. Each detail, no matter how minute, from flowers, setting and décor will be arranged, ensuring your proposal is organized to perfection.

If you are looking to pop the question in Greece and need expert guidance to create a meaningful and creative proposal then you need not look further. Whatever your proposal vision entails, from a traditional on-bended-knee romantic affair to an elaborate proposal scheme, we are a mere click away to help you turn your special question into an unforgettable moment.

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