Same-Sex Weddings in Crete

Same-Sex Weddings in Crete

Philotimo to the Greek is like Breathing – Thales

Philotimo is a Greek term that refers to a set of values, including integrity, respect and dignity, which have been passed down from generation to generation in Greece. Greeks are renowned for being hospitable and warm towards strangers and visitors from other parts of the world. Hence why, it is a good idea to organize a same-sex wedding in a culture, such as the Greek one, where hospitality and kindness is valued. Generally speaking, Greece has an all-inclusive atmosphere, which makes it a popular wedding destination for same-sex couples. Because these types of weddings are a relatively new concept, there are still some customs and traditions that couples have to consider before tying the knot. Having a wedding abroad, is beneficial in this regard since it instantly takes the couple, their families, relatives and their guests from their typical settings, dissolving many customary or conventional wedding concepts that may exist closer to home. Having a destination wedding also automatically eliminates any relatives or friends who couples may feel compelled to invite but who are not necessarily on their wish list. Furthermore, couples who choοse to get married abroad can be as creative as they want in designing a wedding that is meaningful to them, and one that will leave them and their wedding guests with special memories to last a lifetime!

Variety is the Spice of Life- Tony Robbins

If choice in wedding locations and venues is what you are looking for, Crete has it in abundance. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when planning a wedding and anyone who has organized their special day or who is in the midst of doing so, knows how difficult it is to marry their wedding concept with a venue! When the time comes to choose a wedding venue, there are certain other factors to consider. First and foremost is the budget, following that is the location and the kind of venue, whether it’s an off-site venue such as a beach or and on-site venue such as a resort or hotel. Then comes the decision to have the ceremony and reception on the same site or separately, followed by wedding themes, colours and style, and the size of the wedding party. Crete, Greece’s largest island is a beautiful and lively region filled with ancient landmarks, quaint villages, bustling towns and cities, and stunning beaches. Luckily for you, if you are considering having a wedding in Crete, this large island has a broad variety of exclusive wedding venues that are accustomed to hosting same- sex wedding ceremonies and receptions. Crete’s most romantic venues include beaches, resorts, hotels, villas and vineyards, to name a few, all which lend themselves to couples on their special day.

Unique Wedding Ceremonies

Same-sex weddings in Greece tend to take place either as Civil Unions or Symbolic Wedding events but can be a combination of the two. Civil ceremonies are usually held by a certified official in a town hall; however it is possible to host the event in a venue of your choice such as a seafront hotel or a private beach. The Civil ceremony itself is brief and straightforward, and couples can tailor it to some extent, according to their preferences, as well as have the ceremony administered in their mother tongue. If you choose to have a symbolic wedding you may design your own ceremony and tailor it to reflect both your and your partner’s beliefs, values and tastes. Reading passages, quotes, songs, and poetry that have a particular importance to you as a couple, for example, can be incorporated. Private beaches, luxury villas and all-inclusive beach resorts are a few of many Cretan venues that could make a unique setting for your symbolic wedding.

Let the Sun Shine on Your Love

Crete has a 260 kilometre long coastline, dotted along which are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, making the island an ideal destination for wedding celebrations. Vastly wide and open sandy beaches with panoramic views of the horizon can be found alongside remote and quiet pebble-shored bays with calm seas. These beaches not only are naturally beautiful, they offer a peaceful and romantic environment for weddings as guests can interact in a relaxed spacious environment, outdoors in the fresh Cretan air. In Crete, the majority of hotels and resorts are experienced in hosting same-sex weddings. If you prefer to have an on-site wedding but still want to be in a lovely setting, one of Crete’s numerous luxury resorts and hotels may be more suitable. These venues are perfect for couples that have a large wedding party and want a more lavish celebration as they have the capacity, amenities and services to host them. Your event might take place in the property’s gardens, alongside the swimming pools, or in the property’s indoor or outdoor dining areas. Your wedding party can expect fine dining, personalized and professional services, and a selection of premium amenities and accommodations to choose from, all of which will offer a bit of sparkle and glamour leading up to the big day. For those of you who want a rustic wedding affair, Crete’s vineyards make beautiful rural locations for weddings. Wine and landscape lovers can exchange vows in the natural light of a vineyard, surrounded by lush vine leaves, green gardens, in front of harsh Cretan mountain ranges such as the Lefka Ori, the famous White Mountains of Crete. Vineyard wedding venues are popular among soon-to-be married couples because they provide more than just gorgeous views. They offer guests the chance to try the finest local wines in the region, made from ancient Cretan grape varieties, and to try delicious, locally sourced cuisine during their wedding reception.


Homosexual Wedding

The Luxury Weddings in Crete Team of Expert Planners is at your service

There are many other gorgeous sites in Crete to host your wedding in such as ancient Venetian castles, country estates, by lakes and rivers lined with palm and cedar trees, on a yacht or a hilltop with panoramic ocean views and breath-taking sunsets. The only limit is your imagination! A local wedding planner can assist you in finding the right venue. Since its beginning, Luxury Weddings has provided services to the LGBTQ community, appreciating and celebrating love in all the shapes and forms it comes in. For more information contact the Luxury Weddings Team and find your perfect wedding venue!

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