Barbara and John

Barbara and John

You could be thinking, what would possess an already married couple approaching their middle thirties to hire wedding planners, get fancied up and renew their wedding vows in front of several dozen of their closest friends?

The truth is John and I didn’t have much cash to throw around when we got married in our twenties. He rented a tux, I bought a second hand vintage frock and we had a brief registry office ceremony on a weekday with a few family members.

Ten years later, with a bit of money saved and some help from Luxury Weddings in Crete by Vasiliki, John and I got to combine our vow renewal with a holiday in Crete and get a bit of the glamour and glitz that we had missed out on while celebrating our love the first time around.

We are big wine lovers and love the outdoors, so when Vasiliki offered a Cretan vineyard to us as a potential venue we were taken with the idea straight away. Our family has grown somewhat over the years and we wanted a big enough space in nature where everyone could show up and simply have a good time. The vineyard itself was a beauty of nature so we decided to keep it simple and Eleni and Vasiliki added some simple yet tasteful touches to the area. Some gardenias on the tables, tea lights and lanterns, are all that the place needed to light up. One of my favourite décor touches by Luxury Weddings… the desert and cocktails tables made from old rustic wine barrels, fantastic idea from Vasiliki. The caterers prepared a variety of high quality Mediterranean dishes all paired well with the different wines produced from the vineyard. John and I exchanged our vows in the natural evening light in front of our family and friends.

I hold these memories close to my heart as I do the care, effort and energy I saw Eleni, Vasiliki and the staff at Luxury Weddings in Crete put into our special day. Luxury Weddings has raised the bar for Cretan hospitality.