Underwater marriage

Underwater marriage

When most people dream of their wedding, it usually includes a romantic scene with a bride in white who walks elegantly down the aisle.

There isn’t usually much water involved in these dreams.

Unless you are looking for a touch of adventure and you want to dive under the waves for your vows.

You will be surprised about how many people have actually had underwater marriages.

So, how deep is your love?

An underwater marriage is exactly as it sounds: a marriage that happens underwater.

This exciting idea is ideal for couples who desire something unique and unforgettable. Whether you are a diver, surfer, lover of the ocean or you just want an adventure, this is a wonderful option you have to consider. Usually both of you have to wear diving masks and diving costumes. It will be necessary for the couples who are not divers to take a few diving courses, just enough for them to move easily underwater.

Have you ever tried to kiss someone while wearing diving mask? Let’s say that your first kiss as a married couple will be a bit more difficult than usual. After the wedding ceremony, you will ascend to enjoy a celebrating reception with your guests.

Imagine your dream-like wedding in this dreamy destination. There is nothing to worry about! Just think of all the magical moments that you will experience at your underwater wedding in Crete! The most experienced diving team that you can find in Crete, with specialization in underwater marriages, will be at your disposal. As for the bottom of the sea? It is like a fairytale come true…