Jewish wedding

Jewish wedding

The decision of a Jewish man to get married is a life decision that is probably taken under mature thought and certainty.

The timing of a Jewish wedding, after the groom-to-be makes the proposal, is as follows:
Firstly, we have the wedding dress, which is not from a famous house or rented from a boutique. The wedding dress is sewn only 24 hours before the wedding ceremony.

The Jewish people have the synagogues as religious places of worship and their priest is called rabbi. So, all the guests gather at the synagogue, with the rabbi standing at the center and the groom on his left, awaiting for the bride. In many ceremonies there is a choir in the synagogue, who frames the words of the rabbi and lays them out with a light and sweet music tone.

The bride arrives at the synagogue and is accompanied by all her family, since the wedding is considered that is a mystery where all the guests are being blessed, not only the couple.

The rabbi reads to them the corresponding psalms, which are followed by the choir. Then, he blesses the wine glass, from which he drinks the first sip and then he gives to the bride and groom to drink the same quantity.

Then, it is time for the rings, the rabbi blesses the rings and gives them to the couple so that they give them to each other. Afterwards, there is the reading of the marriage contract that talks about the obligations, the needs and the wishes of both people for marriage. Then, the groom takes a glass and breaks it by stepping on it. This symbolizes all the moments of married life, both the good and the difficult ones, as well as the destruction of the Solomon’s temple.

The guests and the families, for all the duration of the mystery, are standing up.

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