Hindu wedding

Hindu wedding

Hindus deeply feel the love and gratitude of their other half and they show it in every way. The whole marriage consists of different rituals, goal of which is the eternal love and complete union of two people.

Hindus neither believe in match-makings, nor they interfere with their offspring’s decision. They consider the choice of companion is sacred and through it, someone calms their soul and raise higher their spirit.

Initially, the bride wears a red dress with golden details, which symbolizes the love and joy, and the groom wears the traditional Hindu costume which is full of coins, colors and heavy fabric.

Then, the couple is led under a tent, where the ceremony happens. The tent symbolizes their new home which they are starting to make, and the four pillars of the tent symbolize the parents of the couple, who will be supporting for the couple.

Afterwards, there is a ritual that consists of three different smaller rituals, each one with different symbolism and purpose. Firstly, they offer to the fire some fabric or items that they had before they marry. Why offer these to the fire? This element is considered the most powerful of all and is honored similar to god, because they intend to have an intense life just like their life that year. Second part of this ritual is the union of the couple with prayers. The Hindu priest tells everyone to stand up and together they sing prayers to the God and the Universe. The third part is the dance of the newly-weds around the fire. The couple goes around the fire exactly 7 times with purpose of cleansing their soul and the God’s blessing.

The last procedure before the ending of the ceremony, as you know, is the vows exchange. The couple promises to each other love, loyalty and devotion, while reading some passages from prayers and sacred books.

The Hindu wedding has the sense of celebration of love and joy in earth, this is why dancing and singing goes on and on…

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