Luxury Honeymoon at Crete

Why is Crete the ideal location for a luxury wedding and honeymoon? You will find out exactly why here!

Beach Weddings in Crete (Part 1)

There is something magical about the ocean that draws people to it. With a coastline of 650 miles, it comes as no surprise that many of these people visit Crete, the home of hundreds of incredible beaches and magnificent ocean views.

Beach Weddings in Crete (Part 2)

Crete has a vast range of glorious beaches to suit each and every couple for their wedding.

The Best Wedding Venues in Crete

Discover the greatest wedding venues in Crete by clicking the link above. Luxury Weddings will provide the ideal location for you!

Crete’s Best Wedding Resorts

Luxury Wedding’s guide to the best wedding resorts in Crete. Breath-taking locations and bespoke services are a click away!

The Best Wedding Venues and Locations in Greece

Discover the greatest wedding venues in Greece. Luxury Wedding’s guide to the best venues in scenic locations in Greece!

Destination Wedding Proposals in Greece

The Mediterranean breeze is soft and tepid and the sky lit by a golden sunset as he or she drops down on bended knee, holding on to a diamond ring with the hope of a simple yes and the promise of a future together. Proposing marriage is a momentous occasion for couples and marks the beginning of a life spent together.

Wedding Destination: Crete

Crete is becoming popular lately, apart from tourism, for wedding purposes or even for a honeymoon.

Wedding myths and how to overcome them

There are some myths about weddings and their preparations… It’s a big day and everything must be perfect!

The wedding to do list for the big day

The proposal is made! The day is set. What about now? Either you are a control freak, or if you just want to have your wedding’s control, we shorted a list for you so you can have a path to walk through.