Beach Weddings in Crete (Part 1)

Beach Weddings in Crete (Part 1)

What makes Cretan Waters so Precious?

There aren’t many couples who don’t dream of being by the ocean and who will sacrifice anything to spend a week, on a beach, each year. Salty hair, a light breeze, sun kissed skin, the calm ebb and flow of the tide, the sound of sand crunching underfoot and children laughing in the waves… There is something magical about the ocean that draws people to it. With a coastline of 650 miles, it comes as no surprise that many of these people visit Crete, the home of hundreds of incredible beaches and magnificent ocean views. Crete’s sunny weather and entrancing sunsets, golden beaches and clean waters, draw in couples by the thousands every year.

Why Have a Beach Wedding in Crete?

There are many advantages to choosing a coastal venue on Crete for your destination wedding. First and foremost is the unparalleled beauty of the setting. No number of colourful bouquets or hang string lights, crystal centrepieces or silk drapes can beat the vision of deep blue waters lapping on a golden shore framed by a crimson sunset. Not to mention the sound, smell and feel that the natural elements of the sea offer to its visitors. A beach wedding ceremony cannot be bettered in terms of beauty and romance. Secondly, a beach wedding environment offers guests space and comfort. Most beach venues on Crete offer ample space with outdoor seating areas. In a time like this, when health experts are advising people against crowds, this is a huge plus. Currently up to 100 guests are allowed in outdoor seated areas for weddings in Crete and by choosing a spacious outdoors venue; you are creating a safer environment for your loved ones and guests. Children in the wedding party will have an entire beach as their playground to keep them happily occupied while grown-ups get together. The tranquil atmosphere of a beach setting will make your guests who are meeting first hand or reuniting after time apart, feel relaxed, and your wedding party will have the space and surroundings to enjoy your special day.

Beaches In The Chania Prefecture

Elafonissi Beach

Southwest of Chania is Elafonissi Beach. Elafonissi is famous for its clear turquoise waters and pink-hued sand, formed by crushed white and pink seashells. Elafonissi beach is about a 70 km coastal drive away from Chania. It has an islet which can be visited by boat and which is a protected nature reserve, as well as lagoons that you can kayak in. Elafonissi beach will appeal to those couples wanting to be on an organised lively beach for their wedding experience but who can also enjoy the peace that the islet and lagoons offer.

Falassarna Beach

Northwest of Chania is Falassarna Beach. Falassarna is home to some of the most famous beaches in Europe. The village of Falassarna is quiet and charming with a small range of accommodation options. The area has several sandy beaches all looking to the West which makes it an ideal place to watch the sunset from. Its sunset is renowned for being the most beautiful in Crete. Falassarna shoreline is wide and there are two nice beaches to visit there. Falassarna Small Beach, also known as Petalida, is a hidden gem, secluded and quiet with fine sand. Falassarna Big Beach, also known as Pachia Ammos, is a very long and organized beach that is popular with those couples and wedding guests who want to do water sports and have catering options on the beach.

Georgioupolis Beach

Moving along the North Coast towards Rethymnon from Chania, and very close to its perimeter, is Georgioupolis, a delightful coastal town. Georgioupolis is favoured by families and couples because of its sandy beaches, wide range of venues and accommodation and romantic ambience. Georgioupolis has everything from budget friendly apartment suites to deluxe hotels and water front restaurants. There is a small harbour in the centre of the town and two main beaches stretch out on either side of it. Kalivaki beach, west of the harbour, is a quieter beach with shallow waters and a river that flows directly into the sea, bringing cold mountain water down that lowers the temperature of the sea. If a cool dip in the height of summer sounds good to you, then this is the beach for you. This side of Georgioupolis is ideal for wedding parties that include young children, as the bay is protected on windy days. Eastwards from the harbour, you will find the main beach of Georgioupolis. It is an organized beach with a range of beach amenities and water sport facilities such as scuba diving and kayaking.

These are a few of many beautiful beaches that the region of Chania has to offer.

Beaches In The Rethymnon Prefecture

In the North of Crete, in the Rethymnon Prefecture, you will find the coastal villages of Gerani, Panormos and Bali.


Gerani Beach

Gerani, less than a 10 minute drive from Rethymnon, is a little village with a bay and clean swimming water. The village is quiet and charming and has accommodation options to host wedding parties, including luxury five-star hotels, villas, apartments and studios. Being on the outskirts of Rethymnon town; its beach is less crowded and lends itself to those wanting a private, intimate wedding affair. Gerani beach is small and organised with deckchairs, umbrellas and other beach amenities. On the southern side of the beach there is a famous cave with incredible stalagmites ready to be explored by those couples looking for a bit of adventure.

Panormos Beach

You can find the village of Panormos 20 km eastwards of Rethymnon towards Heraklion. It is a beautiful traditional village with cobbled streets and has two main sandy beaches, as well as some smaller beaches, a charming fishing port and many Greek traditional tavernas. Couples who want to be on a well-organized beach and have a range of accommodation and restaurant options will find it on Panormos’ western side. On the eastern side of Panormos, there is a smaller less developed beach, for couples wanting a quieter, more peaceful beach experience.

Bali Beach

Bali is a picturesque village nestling on a hillside, about half way between Heraklion and Rethymnon, and is a colourful place to holiday in. Bali is famous for its water sports facilities, with divers and surfers visiting it from all around the world. It has a relaxed atmosphere and hosts several hotels, apartments, tavernas and bars. The hill slopes down towards the coast which is separated into four small sheltered beaches, Livadi, Karavostasi, Limani and Varkotopos, all which have crystal clear waters to swim in. If you and your loved one want a wedding in a scenic location, with a decent range of facilities, water sport entertainment and a calm nightlife, Bali may be the place for you.

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This is just a taste of the beaches that the regions of Chania and Rethymnon in Crete have to offer. Keep an eye out for Beaches in Crete Part Two to get a picture of some South Coast beaches near Rethymnon and Chania and the beaches that the Heraklion region has to offer. If you need more information on how to organise a beach wedding on Crete we are a simple hello away!

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