Basic steps to plan your wedding in Crete

Basic steps to plan your wedding in Crete

Are you looking for the perfect destination for your wedding? There are so many options that you don’t know which one to choose? We’ve got you covered! The perfect wedding destination for all the tastes and aesthetics is Crete! Crete Island can combine everything!

With the idyllic crystal water beaches, the majestic scenery, the picturesque little churches and of course the deep blue of the sea, we believe there is no  better option for your wedding!  In Crete, your paths of love will shine and your wedding will be unforgettable.

Since we know  the wedding destination, we have many things to short out and think about! You don’t have to feel lost about the next steps for your wedding, neither to feel stressed or nervous.  We’ve got the answers that you are looking for! Your wedding should be enjoyable and stressful and the most unique moment of your life. So we’re here to take care of everything and let you live the moment!

wedding couple

wedding couple

Choose the wedding ceremony type for your wedding in Greece

One significant part of your wedding is to select what type of ceremony you want! Do you want a civil ceremony or a symbolic ceremony? Both options are available and depend on the desires of the couple. At this point we should say that both symbolic and civil can take place on a beach, on a hotel, on a beautiful villa or an estate!  There’s no location limitation because the mayor can go everywhere at the civil case ceremony. However, the civil wedding required some basic documents from the bride and groom due to the substance of this type of wedding! Whatever type of Wedding ceremony you will select, we assure you that your wedding will be unforgettable.  Either civil or symbolic, the only thing that matters is the love between the couple. The 2 bodies that will think, act & feel like one soul. Every wedding is the union and the promise to an unconditional love. At the end of the day the feeling is the only thing that matters.

Find the most suitable & convenient wedding dates

Another important thing you should think about, before you finalize your wedding, is the wedding dates! You should find the most suitable & convenient dates for you and your guests! The wedding is one of the greatest moments in people’s lives, so everybody should be there and celebrate with you. Also, it is important to inform the wedding planner in order to check his and his vendors’ availability. So a backup plan regarding the dates might be useful! Also, you should have in mind the weather circumstances and the ideal period before you make the final choice.  



Choose the best wedding venue in Crete

And now let’s go to the heart of a successful wedding, the wedding venue.  The wedding venue should reflect the needs and the parts of love of each couple. Is the place that will host 2 souls in one body.  Is the place that will emphasize a new chapter to a new life.  For the selection of the wedding venue you should consider these 4 options; a beautiful hotel, an incredible villa, a magnificent estate or a marvelous restaurant with delicious food. There are plenty of options to choose from! Crete has so many villas and hotels so close to  the sea that you can literally touch the sand of the beach.  Crete has so many idyllic spots, so many beaches with crystal waters and all these with the incredible romantic sunset. They say one image is the same with one thousand words. And they are right!

Select the best vendors & services for your dream wedding

Life is all about partnership! If you want to succeed in a job, you should collaborate with good partners.  If you want to have fun and have a great time you should have great friends. The same way you must choose the partners for your wedding! You should select the best vendors that make you feel confident and sure that everything will be alright on the most special day of your life. Firstly, you must choose and consider what services you want to have in your wedding, in order to select the vendors. Either you want a small wedding event or a top class event, vendors will take care of everything.. So make a wise choice. Luxury Weddings in Crete by Vassiliki collaborate with the best vendors in Crete so you are in safe hands!



It’s all about taste and aesthetic

There are so many wedding styles and options that each one has its own beauty and requirements! Do you want a luxurious-elegant wedding or a rustic one?  Are you thinking of a boohoo wedding party at the beach with barefoot dancing in the sand or a breathtaking romantic sea view place? Last but not least, let’s not forget the option of a traditional wedding!


To sum up, your wedding is a moment of happiness and you deserve to be stress free,  so contact us today to make your wedding the most beautiful day of your life . Fill in our contact form and leave the rest to us and we can assure you that the result will be incredible! Our mission is to make you enjoy every moment of your special day and make your wedding an unforgettable moment for you and your guests! We will express the couple’s personality into a wedding, leading the event to a top class moment that everyone will never forget about it. 

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