Autumn wedding may be a perfect choice

Autumn wedding may be a perfect choice

Summer memories as much as spring’s feelings are usually leaving nostalgia in our hearts. Autumn weddings are usually representing the previous seasons which makes this time of year an interesting choice for that purpose!


For starters autumn is full of colors! The nature is dazzling, so you better consider making your wedding outdoors. Yellow and orange leaves with deep brown branches are all over the less green lawn creating a full-themed decoration for you! Photographs are even more impressive in that scene, inspiring the photographer even more.

In order to fit in, choose dark colors such as deep red and brown and use the wood as the main theme material. Try different textures such as velvet, cashmere or silk and let them play with the candle’s light.

Autumn is full of wonderful flowers such as daisies, dahlias, anemones and sunflowers which creates wonderful decoration and an astonished bridal bouquet.

If you are not into it yet, you should think of a different approach. You can use the “back to school” wedding theme which makes the difference and strengthens the sweet nostalgia of September. Red apples, blackboards, vintage books, an old school desk can create unique decoration details on your wedding day.

Wedding Destination Crete

Choosing an Island in Autumn could be an interesting choice. Crete is the perfect choice since the temperature is higher than the rest of Greece for a long time. If you prefer a windy island you should be aware of weather and take care of all possible climate changes. Choose wisely.

Wedding Dress

The variety of wedding dresses is much larger than in summer. You can wear the summer dresses adding a cover-up or you can try different kinds of fabrics that can be worn in more chillier conditions.

Autumn advantages

Last but not least a wedding in Autumn should be cheaper since it is less preferred for couples. Usually prices are lower so you can do more things with your budget. And we should not forget the honey moon, which is much better than summer. Everywhere is cheaper, less crowded, quieter, more romantic and available!

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