All Inclusive Wedding Packages in Crete

All Inclusive Wedding Packages in Crete

Did you know that Crete hosted over 4.5 million tourists in 2018?

With thousands of couples flocking to the Mediterranean islands every year to tie the knot, Crete has become a leading force in the wedding industry. Throngs of soon to be married couples are endeared by Crete’s all-inclusive wedding packages that fuse traditional Cretan wedding elements with a holiday and honeymoon. Crete and its international popularity for wedding tourism come as no surprise. Being the southernmost part of Europe to Africa, Crete has a dependable and sunny climate, almost throughout the year. The landscape is made all the more enchanting by the remarkable quality of sunlight that Crete basks in; it is a clear bright light that invigorates all of your senses. The landscape is blessed with remarkable views of the Mediterranean Sea, ethereal sunsets, lonely gorges, hidden bays, and sheer coastal cliffs. As this is being written, snow-capped mountain peaks are bathing in bright light surrounded by olive groves, plants and blooming flowers, and I am sure that in this moment, once again, hundreds of couples abroad are booking their all-inclusive Cretan wedding packages.

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Did you know that 2 out of 3 couples start their wedding planning even before getting engaged?

An all-inclusive wedding package is a complete package of all the services soon to be married couples could possibly need. Planning a wedding on your own, on your home turf, is an overwhelming feat, planning a wedding abroad is an even bigger one. It consists of numerous tasks, from organising travel, transport, accommodation and guest lists, to arranging catering, décor, music, venues, and the list goes on. With little insider knowledge, connections and a possible language barrier, planning the wedding of your dreams, regardless of extensive research and excellent organisation skills, can be overwhelming. Many couples remain busy with work and life until they actually arrive at their wedding destination and those to-do wedding lists can build up and cause a lot of stress. With an all-inclusive wedding destination package, every aspect of your wedding is taken care of down to the nitty-gritty details, allowing couples to enjoy their wedding experience. An all-inclusive wedding package in Crete allows couples to tailor their experience to their taste and preferences and saves them precious time and money. Here are the hows and the whys….

Did you know that 1 in 5 couples tailor their wedding ceremony to reflect their culture and values?

When it comes to choosing wedding packages in Crete, you will be met with a lot of variety and options within each package that are open to customisation. Are you dreaming of a religious Mediterranean themed wedding ceremony next to glittering Cretan waters? Is a civil wedding in a luxurious Cretan beach front resort the perfect wedding venue for you? Would you like a romantic boat tour of a Cretan lake, before your ceremony, to help you wash the nerves way? And your wedding dress… a flowing A-line silk affair with a cascading trail and a striking navy three- piece suit for the groom? Or a curve hugging mermaid dress, that flares out below the knee and a black tux with a crisp white shirt for the groom? All-inclusive wedding packages offer you an expert wedding planning team to help you tailor your wedding to your taste. So you can have your cake and eat it! This wedding planning team will have a wealth of experience in planning weddings and they will be able to run the show for you, ensuring that everything is proceeding as agreed. After deciding on major aspects of the wedding package such as your type of ceremony and your wedding theme, with your wedding planner, your wedding should be as unique as you are. If you are looking for a simple way to deal with your wedding planning and have a vision for your special day on Crete, an all-inclusive wedding package may be just the ticket for you.

Did you know that many couples hire up to 14 different contractors for their wedding day?

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is a time to celebrate your love…but the planning takes a colossal amount of time. Every couple is different so it is tricky to know exactly how long it takes to plan a wedding. However, the general consensus shows that most couples start planning their wedding a year to two years in advance, and spend around 500 hours in that period in preparation. Most couples still have a career to manage and balancing work with wedding planning can be stressful. This is why many couple opt for an all- inclusive wedding package. One package and a team of wedding professionals to organise every detail of the process saves couples a lot of time as they do not have to search for dozens of intermediaries to provide for their wedding day. Instead of juggling a dozen or so contractors to create your wedding vision, you will have a coordinated team of experts equipping you with every service you need. One wedding service agreement contract to sign and a one off hassle free payment plan, and there you have it, time saved and freedom gained to enjoy your wedding experience.

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Did you know that 1 in 3 couples claim to have had an unrealistic budget at the beginning of their wedding planning?

A major concern, for a soon to be married couple, is that of cost. Fixing a budget and sticking to that budget can be burdensome especially when you have to deal with different contracts and suppliers. If you do your research, you will find that many all-inclusive wedding packages in Crete, will offer competitive prices on commodities such as travel, accommodation, venues, catering and décor. With an all-inclusive wedding package and one fixed payment you can forget about small costs totting up. Furthermore, an all- inclusive wedding package is cost-efficient as the team of experts behind it will have the necessary connections within the wedding industry to ensure you get the best value for the services you want. By allowing couples to keep strict control of their budget with a standard one off payment, couples will know exactly how much leeway they have to spend on all the other little extras such as sightseeing and entertainment with their family and guests during their time in Crete. After all, it would be a shame to travel all the way to this beautiful island, with your wedding party, and not partake in some leisurely boat trips to the best beaches in the world, to see the famous lagoon of Balos or the pink sand on the protected nature reserve of Elafonissi!

Did you know that 9 out of 10 couples say the weather is a key factor in determining a destination?

With its reliable, bright climate and stunning landscape, Crete is the ultimate wedding destination. An all-inclusive Cretan wedding package is a tempting option if you are looking to simplify your planning and work alongside professionals to create a one of a kind wedding that reflects your story and style. If you want to have the luxury of time and money to enjoy your wedding experience in Crete with your beloved, than an all- inclusive Cretan wedding package is right for you!

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