A Destination Wedding in Chania

A Destination Wedding in Chania

Crete is a remarkable island. Year after year, couples from all parts of the world, celebrate their vows on this special island and holiday here, in a state of nuptial bliss. Why is Crete remarkable you may ask? Well, it is not just the sea and sun that brings hundreds of thousands of soon- to- be married couples here every year. Crete has preserved a rich cultural history that dates back thousands of years, something that visitors are exposed to throughout their stay on the island. The local people are famed for their dignity and have raised the bar for the entire hospitality industry worldwide; the experience of the generosity of Cretans is rated as one of the highest sources of pleasure among visitors. Crete has a diverse landscape with mountains that can be seen from any point on the island, surplus fertile plains and a coastline of clean waters to swim in, that runs for thousands of miles around the island. And to cap it all, it has a sunny Mediterranean climate throughout most of the year.

There are three main towns situated on the Northern coast of Crete that are popular destinations for those wanting to get married abroad. From the West of the island towards the East these towns are: Chania, Rethymno and Heraklion. Although each of these towns offers a unique holiday and wedding experience, there is something special about Chania that draws many couples into its region for their wedding day.

Chania, the second biggest town after Heraklion, is located on the Western side of Crete and has an incredible geographical position right below the White Mountains. It is a dramatic sight, with snow lasting on the peaks as far into the year as June. Many soon- to- be married couples are blessed with it as a backdrop on their wedding day. Chania is a very attractive town, filled with brightly coloured Venetian quarters and striking Ottoman monuments, all within a traditional Greek architectural framework. As a destination wedding is often an extended celebration, couples often want to sightsee and be entertained alongside their wedding guests. Spending quality time with you and celebrating your love is ultimately why they travelled the distance.

The Old Town, near the harbour, is a maze of narrow lively streets, riddled with delightful Venetian houses decorated with arched doorways and high rise wooden balconies. You and your loved ones can visit the many interesting boutique shops, romantic tavernas, bars and cafes along these streets. Unsurprisingly, the Old Town is the most picture-worthy part of Chania and the perfect location to be captured in for your wedding album. You can wander around the quaint colourful streets of the Old Town and take photos of the Venetian Walls, huge guarding walls built to protect the city from invaders. You can visit the old lighthouse at the tip of Chania’s harbour for an incredible panoramic view of the waterfront and the White Mountains. Chania also boasts several museums for couples and guests who enjoy a bit of history. The museums have impressive collections of Minoan, Classical, Hellenistic and Byzantine artefacts. Wedding parties, looking to do a bit of shopping before the big day, will be spoilt for choice. Chania is the commercial centre for the Western half of Crete and its shopping district hosts a plethora of designer, boutique and traditional handicraft shops. The covered municipal market, a 19th century structure, is a lively and exciting place. Local farming produce is piled high and the air is filled with the aroma of every Cretan spice and herb under the sun. To put it simply, Chania is home to a huge range of sights, entertainment and activity options, which will ensure that you, your other half and your wedding guests, will have time to enjoy yourselves before the big day.

For those couples among you that want to enjoy your destination wedding in the sun next to the sea, Chania has numerous stunning beaches surrounding it to offer you. In general, northwards of Chania you will find the larger, more developed and organised beach resorts. Falassarna, Balos and Elafonissi are beaches you can look into if you are looking for a top- notch organized beach affair. As a rule of thumb, you will find more secluded bays, smaller beaches catered to by nearby coastal villages, stretching out southwards of Chania. These beaches can offer you and your wedding party a more secluded, intimate and private holiday experience. Wedding entertainment opportunities don’t only lie within Chania or on its stunning beaches though. Surrounding Chania are many sights worth seeing with your wedding party. You can trek in forests and gorges such as the Samaria gorge, a major tourist attraction of the island and a World’s Biosphere Reserve. It is an opportunity to be in nature, experience Cretan traditions in the nearby villages and be on the receiving end of the infamous Cretan hospitality.

As for accommodation and wedding venues, the good news is that Chania has a vast range of accommodation, of all star ratings, to suit each couples budget, style and tastes. From vibrant city centre hotels, to traditional suite hotels in nearby picturesque villages, remote self-catering hotels to central luxurious penthouse suites and villas, Chania has it all. The labyrinth of Venetian streets in the Old Town is full of boutique hotels. If a modernised 15th Century Venetian mansion sounds good to you then you may want to look in the Old Town. If you want to have a waterfront view then the five star hotels on the harbour with their roof top jaccuzis are venues that may suit you. Getting married in a villa in Chania may appeal to couples who want to surround themselves and their wedding party with nature and tranquillity. The region of Chania has many luxurious villas that specially cater for wedding parties. In the case that you have a large wedding party and want to celebrate your wedding and stay in the same venue with your guests, then it is a good idea to look into the beach resorts surrounding Chania. As mentioned above, the resorts spread out in either direction along the coast, many of which have the capacity to host large weddings. The beach resorts of Chania will offer you and your guests a stunning setting and views and the comfort and relaxation that you all need in the days leading up to your wedding.

Whether you choose a secluded or central venue, a low key or grand one, a hotel, resort or villa, one thing is for certain. Having your wedding in Chania guarantees that you will have an beautiful clear sky above your head, a striking sunset every evening of your stay, clean sparkling waters to swim in nearby, delicious Mediterranean food and the experience of Cretan hospitality at its best. If you’re feeling the pressure of organising your own wedding or you feel as though you are running short on time, do not hesitate to get in touch. We have the experience and the contacts to ensure that your big day in Chania is everything you want it to be and more.

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