5 Mind-Blowing Unusual Wedding Themes

5 Mind-Blowing Unusual Wedding Themes

Are you bored of the same old time classic wedding decoration? Do you want to impress your guests pleasantly? Are you a movie fan? Here are 5 themes that you could not imagine they existed!

Harry Potter Wedding Theme

Who doesn’t Know Harry Potter? You can create a mythical and mysterious atmosphere by choosing decoration ideas from the movie! Choose candles – a lot of them -, green plants with huge leaves all over the place, an enormous dinner table with vintage plates and glasses. Fill out the ceiling with chandeliers with look-like-candles lamps, use Harry Potter’s fonts and order your wedding cake to look like a stack of books.

Pirates of the Caribbean Wedding Theme

If the wedding is about to take place near the sea, why not try the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme? You should be open minded of course, since you probably have to wear a pirate theme dress and a pirate outfit for the groom, but it will be worth it!

Consider finding the same costumes for the best man too. One large white sheet for sail, candles, costumes and you are ready!

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme

What an amazing idea especially if you love crazy stories! Fill the wedding area with Clocks (a lot of them), vintage plates and chandeliers, tea pots and cups with painted flowers. Use bright, strong colors. Make your ceremony under a huge tree and decorate the ground with old keys, clocks, small bottles with hidden messages and why not? A stuffed rabbit doll!

Game of Thrones Wedding Theme

When you think of Game of Thrones, you might think of swords, dragons and the well known “Iron throne”! If you are so into it, order and place a fake Iron Throne and make the ceremony in front of it. Choose colors with high contrast such us black and white. Place large dragon eggs around and why not – If you own a big dog, bring it with you. Swords and candles are must, so it is snow… but you can do without it!

Star Wars Wedding Theme

Even if you’re not massive Star Wars buffs, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this beautiful wedding. Modern plates and napkins in dark grey, black and white color, lightsabers, a Darth Vader suit and Leia’s hairstyle is all that you need to create this one of a kind wedding.

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